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Diving Helmet KeychainChartHemp  RopeBrass  Nozzle for RopeLiner's Clothes PegBrass  Nozzle for RopeLiner's Glass HolderManhole VentLiner's Bathroom HookLiner's wall barLiner's Glass HolderLiner's Foot StepSoap DishLiner's Bathroom HandleLiner's wall barLiner's AshtraySoap DishPorthole Ring  32Campherwood DiverLiner's wall barAlleyway Lamp aluminiumAlleyway Lamp aluminiumAlleyway Lamp aluminiumAlleyway aluminium LampAlleyway aluminium LampShip's Bed LampCHINA STAR LifebuoyShip's Bed LampAlleyway Lamp aluminiumShip's Alleyway LampSmall Pulley with brass wheelsWooden GratingsAlleyway LampDepht gauge Espadon 1962Brass Alleyway LightAlleyway Lamp aluminiumShip's Bed LadderPocket CompassLifebuoy LampLiner's Wall LampBrass Alleyway LightOar 4 mBrass HandleBrass Alleyway LightAlleyway LampAlleyway LampAlleyway LampBrass Single PortholeSmall folding ChairBrass Alleyway LightBrass Alleyway LightDiving Record BookBrass Alleyway LightHell Indicator (Clinometer)Wooden GratingsAlu Alleyway Lamp with ShadeAlleyway LampIron LightAlleyway Lamp with ShadeInspection LampOar 4 mSmall folding ChairSand ClockSingle Brass PortholePulley with iron wheelsSafety Oil LampCargo SpotlightSingle Brass PortholeChart's Table LampHandrailAluminium Porhole D  39 cmShip's Alleyway LampMastead LightAlleyway Lamp with ShadeSiebe Gorman Diving LampRescue LanternBrass BittMasthead LightWooden PulleyChart Ruler (stigmographe)Brass BittHell Indicator (Clinometer)Miles CounterIron LightCourse IndicatorMast LightWooden GratingsPorthole D 46 cm glass with scratchesMast LightBrass LampDble  brass lanternDeck SpotlightWooden GratingsAluminium Porhole D  49 cmDeck Aluminium  SpotlightCompass Bergen NorwayAluminium Porhole D  54 cmRising RailLiner's Brass LampFolding TableFrench Navy silver coffeepotWooden GratingsWooden GratingsWooden GratingsRussian Submarine ClockCompass JaponeseCompass Bergen NorwayCompass PlathTeak HelmTeak HelmTeak HelmTeak HelmDeck SpotlightTube ChairSafety RaftFog Horn Wooden BoxTube ChairTeak  Double WindowLiner's PlatesFolding TableSquare PortholeVery big PulleyTaximeter Bergen NautikBrass PropellerChinese weightsTaximetre NORPorthole D 43 cmOil Lamp big sizeAluminium Star GlobePlate holderOil Lamp big sizePorthole Mirror RectangularDeck SpotlightFolding TableBrass Fog HornVery Big PulleyDouble Big Brass LightSquare PortholePropellerFog HornShip Door 71 / 150 cmWind indicatorSUPERFRELON Helicopter rotor bladeColonial Chair in teakShip DoorRussian SextantShop Glass CabinetBrass Fog HornShip Door 60 / 150 cmFile cabinetShip's  Door with shuttersDeckchairShip Door 60 / 150 cmShip Door 71 / 150 cmShip DoorWalker Log Cherub IIIShip's  Door with shuttersGlashutte quartz ChronometerGonio AntennaPlanteur ChairPILOT CHAIRMahogany bedsideWempe quartz ChronometerCompass on its StandStar GlobeCampher Chest 63 cmPassenger Ship ArmchairIron revolving chairPassenger ship StoolRectangular Porthole 101 / 84 cmIron revolving chairNewspaper rackCompassOlympia Passenger Ship ChairDining Armchairs from MV AugustusPassenger ship StoolRosewood Folding ChairsAluminium TelegraphTeak ChestVery big PulleyHezzanith SextantDiver paintingShip DoorRosewood File cabinetIron revolving chairFlag CabinetIron Air Vent 143 cmIron revolving chairRosewood Chest 76 cmTeak ChestShip DoorLINER'S TABLEIndian Rajasthan Old DoorColonial Fan D 136 cm Ship's  DoorMalle en teck 92 cmOffice Revolving ChairRevolving BookshelfTeak BookcaseSquare Porthole openingRepetitor CompassColonial Fan D 144 cm SIEBE GORMAN DIVING CHESTOffice Revolving Chair Art DécoShip DoorShip's  Door with shuttersMahogany Chest 90 cm15 Drawers CabinetPhilippines Liner tableRosewood office tableDouble ship's doorRevolving BookshelfCampher Chest 84 cmRevolving BookshelfIndian Rajasthan Old DoorMahogany Chest 91 cmMap CabinetMahogany Chest of DrawersRevolving BookshelfIron industrial bookcaseOffice Revolving Chair Art DécoBreton sideboard 17 th centuryBunk bed from AugustusRosewood File cabinetBookcasePassenger ship revolving chairCampher Chest with drawersAluminium TelegraphRevolving BookshelfRevolving BookshelfMahogany Chest of DrawersOffice TableChest of DrawersRosewood Office DeskTeak Office DeskAluminium TelegraphRosewood office tableP & O Liner's revolving chairLiner's revolving chairBrass HelmMahogany Chest of DrawersSpot on standOffice DeskRussian ChronometerOffice Desk 'Partner'Bookcase with glassesChest of DrawersAluminium Stand CompassMap / Chart CabinetUS Henschel TelegraphBookcase with side glassesMahogany Chest of Drawers12 Drawers CabinetSpotlight on StandShip's DoorTeak docker rackRosewood Chest of Drawers 104 mLiner SofaLiner's Safety Jacket BunchLiner's Safety Jacket Bunch Rosewood Chest of Drawers 103 cmIron Air Vent 2.60 mLiner SofaAluminium steering columnBookcaseTeak Davenport CabinetOffice desk with rollerTeak docker rackShip Officer Chest of DrawersBookcase with side glasses and 3 doorsChronometer MercerAluminium steering columnSestrel Stand CompassKorean Diving HelmetScott Light on Brass StandKorean 12 b Diving helmetOffice Desk 'Partner'10 Drawers Cabinet50 Drawers CabinetSestrel  Stand CompassEnglish mahogany BarEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersTelegraph ChadburnLINER'S TABLEChadburn Brass Wheel on its standEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Teak Chest of Drawers3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of DrawersOld Rajasthan trunk3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of Drawers3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of DrawersColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 130 H 435 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 615 cmCampher Chest of DrawersColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 715 cm

REF : A085

Teak Chest


950 €

Teak Chest, circa 1900.

L 104 / H 61 / W 58 cm

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