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BookshelfShip's  Door with shuttersPhilippines Liner tableMahogany Chest of DrawersRosewood File cabinet15 Drawers CabinetIron industrial bookcaseShip's Door with shuttersCampher Chest with drawersMap Cabinet6 Drawers CabinetMahogany Chest of DrawersPassenger ship revolving chairShip DoorAluminium TelegraphOffice TableTeak Office DeskRosewood office tableChest of DrawersRosewood Office DeskCampher Chest 91 cmAluminium TelegraphRosewood office tableCampher Chest 97 cmBrass HelmRussian ChronometerCampher Chest 98 cmOffice DeskMahogany Chest of DrawersP & O Liner's revolving chairBookcase with side glassesBookcaseChest of DrawersCampher Chest 101 cmAluminium Stand CompassBookcase with glassesOffice Desk 'Partner'Mahogany Chest of DrawersMap / Chart CabinetUS Henschel Telegraph12 Drawers CabinetRosewood Chest of Drawers 104 cmLiner's Safety Jacket BunchIron Air Vent 2.60 mLiner's Safety Jacket BunchTeak docker rackPassenger Ship SofaAluminium steering columnTeak Davenport CabinetBookcase with side glasses and 3 doorsShip Officer Chest of DrawersShip Officer Chest of DrawersAluminium steering columnChronometer MercerSestrel Stand CompassKorean 12 b Diving helmetOffice Desk 'Partner'Scott Light on Brass Stand10 Drawers Cabinet50 Drawers CabinetSestrel  Stand CompassLINER'S TABLEChadburn Brass Wheel on its standEnglish Colonial Campaign Teak Chest of DrawersEnglish mahogany BarEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Teak Chest of DrawersShip's BedEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Teak Chest of DrawersOld Rajasthan trunkTelegraph Chadburn3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of Drawers3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of DrawersOriginal 1920 Rare Strafor 30-Drawers CabinetColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmCampher Chest of DrawersColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 615 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 715 cm

REF : A085

Teak Chest


950 €

Teak Chest, circa 1900.

L 104 / H 61 / W 58 cm

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