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ship StoolOlympia Passenger Ship ChairRectangular Porthole 110 / 73 cmTeak ChestDiver paintingIron Air Vent 143 cmShip DoorRoll Top File CabinetTeak ChestIron revolving chairVery big PulleyShip's  Door with shuttersRosewood File cabinetHezzanith SextantIron revolving chairRosewood Chest 76 cmShip DoorTeak BookcaseLINER'S TABLERepetitor CompassIndian Rajasthan Old DoorMalle en teck 92 cmSquare Porthole openingSIEBE GORMAN DIVING CHESTColonial Fan D 136 cm Revolving BookshelfShip's  DoorOffice Revolving ChairColonial Fan D 144 cm Flag CabinetOffice Revolving Chair Art DécoMahogany Chest 90 cmShip DoorRosewood office tableMahogany Chest of DrawersOffice Revolving Chair Art DécoRevolving BookshelfIndian Rajasthan Old DoorShip's  Door with shuttersPhilippines Liner tableBunk bed from AugustusRosewood File cabinetSpotlight on Stand15 Drawers CabinetCampher Chest 84 cmMahogany Chest 91 cmRevolving BookshelfDouble ship's doorBookcaseMap CabinetBreton sideboard 17 th centuryIron industrial bookcaseRevolving BookshelfMap CabinetCampher Chest with drawers6 Drawers CabinetMahogany Chest of DrawersShip DoorPassenger ship revolving chairAluminium TelegraphOffice TableTeak Office DeskRosewood Office DeskChest of DrawersAluminium TelegraphRosewood office tableLiner's revolving chairBrass HelmSpot on standMap Cabinet 18 drawersP & O Liner's revolving chairShip's DoorMahogany Chest of DrawersRussian ChronometerOffice DeskChest of DrawersOffice Desk 'Partner'Aluminium Stand CompassBookcase with glassesBookcase with side glassesUS Henschel TelegraphMap / Chart CabinetMahogany Chest of Drawers12 Drawers Cabinet Rosewood Chest of Drawers 103 cmTeak docker rackLiner's Safety Jacket BunchLiner SofaIron Air Vent 2.60 m Rosewood Chest of Drawers 106 cm14 drawers File CabinetLiner's Safety Jacket BunchAluminium steering columnBookcaseShip Officer Chest of DrawersBookcase with side glasses and 3 doorsTeak docker rackTeak Davenport CabinetChronometer MercerAluminium steering columnSestrel Stand CompassScott Light on Brass StandKorean 12 b Diving helmetOffice Desk 'Partner'10 Drawers Cabinet50 Drawers CabinetSestrel  Stand CompassShip's BedChadburn Brass Wheel on its standLINER'S TABLEEnglish mahogany BarEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of DrawersEnglish Colonial Campaign Teak Chest of Drawers3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of DrawersTelegraph ChadburnOld Rajasthan trunkTelegraph Chadburn3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of Drawers3 parts Rosewood Writing Chest of DrawersColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 615 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 715 cmCampher Chest of Drawers

REF : A085

Teak Chest


950 €

Teak Chest, circa 1900.

L 104 / H 61 / W 58 cm

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