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PortholePulley with iron wheelsSmall folding ChairOar 4 mSand ClockChart's Table LampHandrailSingle Brass PortholeAluminium Porhole D  39 cmShip's Alleyway LampMastead LightWooden WindowSiebe Gorman Diving LampBrass BittWooden GratingsRescue LanternWooden PulleyMasthead LightChart Ruler (stigmographe)Brass BittWooden GratingsWooden GratingsWooden GratingsMiles CounterHell Indicator (Clinometer)Folding LampWooden GratingsWooden GratingsCourse IndicatorWooden GratingsWooden GratingsIron LightWooden GratingsDeck Aluminium  SpotlightMast LightWooden GratingsWooden GratingsWooden GratingsAluminium Porhole D  49 cmHandrailBrass LampDeck SpotlightDble  brass lanternMast LightWooden GratingsWooden GratingsAluminium Porhole D  54 cmTube ChairWooden GratingsLiner's Brass LampWooden GratingsRising RailCompass Bergen NorwayFolding TableFolding TableTube ChairRussian Submarine ClockCompass Bergen NorwayTeak  Double WindowDeck SpotlightDeck SpotlightBrass Porthole D 39 cmTeak HelmTeak HelmSquare 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ChestOffice TableCampher Chest with drawersCampher Chest 93 cmPassenger ship revolving chairCampher Chest with drawers6 Drawers CabinetPassenger ship revolving chairCampher Chest with drawersRosewood Chest 108 cmAluminium TelegraphTeak Office DeskRosewood Office DeskAluminium TelegraphOffice DeskChest of DrawersRosewood office tableMahogany Chest of DrawersBrass HelmRevolving BookshelfCampher Chest with drawersIndian Rajasthan Old DoorRussian ChronometerMahogany Chest of DrawersSpot on standChest of Drawers15 Drawers CabinetLiner's Safety Jacket BunchAluminium Stand CompassMap / Chart CabinetUS Henschel TelegraphTeak docker rack Rosewood Chest of Drawers 86 cmMap / Chart CabinetBookcase with side glassesBookcase with side glassesMap CabinetMahogany Chest of DrawersShip's DoorSpotlight on StandMap / Chart CabinetShip's Door12 Drawers CabinetTeak Office DeskTeak Davenport CabinetMahogany Davenport CabinetTeak docker rackBookcase with side glasses30 Drawers CabinetLiner SofaIron Air Vent 2.60 mOffice Desk 'Partner'BookcaseAluminium steering columnShip Officer Chest of DrawersTeak docker rackChronometer MercerAluminium steering columnSestrel Stand CompassKorean Diving HelmetTeak docker rackScott Light on Brass StandKorean 12 b Diving helmetScott Light on Brass StandOffice Desk 'Partner'10 Drawers CabinetOLYMPIA LINER'S TABLEShip's BedSestrel  Stand Compass50 Drawers CabinetMap / Chart CabinetTek Chest of Drawers with WritingEnglish mahogany BarTeak Chest of Drawers with WritingChadburn Brass Wheel on its standTelegraph ChadburnEnglish Colonial Campaign Rosewood Chest of Drawers3 parts Rosewood CabinetEnglish Colonial Campaign Teak Chest of DrawersColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 350 cmCommode de bateau ancienne en camphrierColonial Sprial Staircase  D 130 H 435 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 615 cmColonial Sprial Staircase  D 143 H 715 cm
REF : C004 Olympia Passenger Ship Chair 300 € Available

Olympia Passenger Ship Dining Room Chair from the Imperial Majesty Cruise Line's REGAL EMPRESS ex OLYPIA built by Alexander Stephen and Sons Ltd., Glasgow, launched in 1953 (see the extra photos).

L 58 / H 73 P 47 Seating 48 cm 0.20 m3

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